Tesla increases discounts for buyers in Canada and the United States

Tesla Model Y Performance 2022 | Photo: Vincent Dawn

  • $5,000 rebate for Canadian buyers taking delivery before the end of the year.

  • This is the first time we’ve seen discounts on the Model 3 and Y in Canada.

The new car market hasn’t seen many discounts over the past three years, either through cash rebates or low interest rates. But Tesla has just quietly added massive discounts for buyers who can take delivery of a Model 3 or Model Y before the end of the year.

Tesla added $3,750 off the Model 3 or Model Y in the US earlier this month, but now that discount has exploded. Buyers who can take delivery before December 31 will now receive a $7,500 credit as well as “10,000 free Supercharge miles”. Tesla does not specify how it determines the amount of charge that will go into those 10,000 credit miles.

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Buyers in the United States who buy a Model S or X and in consumption before the end of the year will get 10,000 miles (16,000 km) of free boost.

In Canada, Tesla has added discounts for the first time. Model 3 and Model Y buyers who consume before the end of the year will obtain a credit of $5,000 and 10,000 km of free charging. We would like to point out that this figure is significantly lower than that which American buyers do not benefit from.

Canadian Model S and X buyers will get the 10,000 km boost credit, but no financial incentive.

It’s not unusual for Tesla to push vehicle deliveries at quarter-end or year-end, usually in the form of boost credits or other small incentives. However, this initiative, combined with a recent change in the delivery dates observed for orders, which have gone from almost a year to only one or two months, could indicate a significant change in demand for the brand.

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