Tesla finally brings a solution to this ridiculous problem of automatic lights

Tesla vehicles are renowned for their innovative design, connectivity and excellent efficiency. On the other hand, the quality of manufacture is often singled out, as is the case in the latest study by JD Power which detected 226 problems for 100 vehicles against 180 on average for the automotive industry (study carried out in 2022 on the US market).

An update is coming…

Some relatively conventional systems have design flaws, such as “automatic high beams” for example.

At night, Teslas that have this option are supposed to detect the presence of a vehicle coming in the opposite direction in order to switch to low beam and thus avoid dazzling road users… do that at their head, some remain lit in full headlight while others keep the crossings. This problem is all the more irritating as the automatic high beams are activated unconditionally when the steering assistance is engaged, in short, a big headache for not much.

The good news is thatan update is being rolled out to correct the problem or at least make things a little better:the operation of the automatic high beams has been improved. While the ignition may still be slow to respond, the flameout is now quite good, although it can be deceived by reflections from traffic signs“.

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