Tesla breaks a 50-year-old record with the Model Y

Tesla never stops breaking records. In Norway, the Model Y has just broken a record from 1969 and held by the then Volkswagen Beetle.

Tesla Model Y Performance, Quicksilver colorway // Source: Tesla

As you are surely aware if you follow automotive news diligently, Norway is the most advanced European country in terms of electric cars.

Last year, 64.5% of all cars sold in Norway in 2021 were fully electric. In 2022, this score could approach 80%, or even 90% if we take into account more generally electrified cars, including plug-in hybrids. Now more than 20% of the Norwegian car fleet in circulation is 100% electric as the report auto news.

The Tesla Model Y far ahead

A large part of these figures, which make other countries on the continent pale, is due in particular to Tesla’s exceptional year in Norway, in particular thanks to its Model Y. The 100% electric American SUV has just broken a record over 50 years old, from 1969 to be precise, and owned at the time by the Volkswagen Beetle.

The Model Y has just broken the record for the best-selling car in Norway, held since 1969 by the Beetle! ??

—Tesla (@Tesla) December 22, 2022

The Tesla Model Y beat the record for the most cars sold in a year in the country with 16,748 units registered since the beginning of the year, compared to 16,709 for the Volkswagen. In addition, there is about a week left, which will probably allow Tesla to reach more than 18,000 Model Ys registered in Norway in 2022.

Even though Volkswagen lost this symbolic title to Tesla, the German automaker is doing quite well with its direct competitor, the Volkswagen ID.4, which won more than 11,000 Norwegians this year. It ranks as the second best seller in the country this year, just behind the Model Y and ahead of the Skoda Enyaq iV and its 7,000 units sold.

Higher ambitions

It must be said that the Norwegian government did not skimp on the means to achieve this result. While many countries aim to ban the sale of new internal combustion cars by 2035, when the European law recently passed by Parliament will come into force, Norway has largely taken the lead. and vice 100% new electric cars sold from 2025.

In France, we are still very far from Norway’s market share, but electric is gaining ground. In October and December 2022, more new electric cars were sold than diesels for the first time. The market share of the electric car is around 13%.

In France, it is the Peugeot e-208 (17,886 registrations from January to November 2022) which has been leading sales since the start of the year, closely followed by the Dacia Spring (15,526) and the Fiat 500e (14,413).

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