Territorial: Heiura-Les Verts is looking for its candidates on Facebook

A few months from the territorial Heiura-Les Verts, the environmentalist party, is launching a call for applications on its Facebook page, and opens the way for anyone who wishes to appear on the list it will present in the territorial elections.

On its Facebook page, the environmentalist party is launching a call for applications and opening the way for anyone who wishes to appear on the list of territorial authorities for April 2023. Today, the environmental future is at the heart of all concerns, and every week, people, through associations, call out on the subject. The problem of the effects of climate change requires, according to Jacky Bryant, that a maximum of people committed or sensitive to the cause are mobilized and that “the discourse of political ecology” be carried out urgently. Heiura-Les Verts is therefore looking for people who are young, not so young, but who above all have “the will and the hope to believe that politicians still have the capacity to change or to set objectives to bring the management of the country towards these objectives”, specifies the general secretary of the party.

Faced with the big parties and their presence on the ground, political ecology is struggling to make a place for itself on the Polynesian electoral chessboard. Heiura-Les Verts is therefore betting on the social network to spread its call: to move from keyboard activism to real activism.

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