Tanzania uses high-speed internet connectivity on Mount Kilimanjaro in partnership with Huawei

(Ecofin Agency) – Tourism is one of the pillars of the Tanzanian economy, having saved up to 6% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2021. The government wants to accelerate the development of this sector thanks to technologies information and communication.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is now covered by a high-speed Internet network. Said network was integrated by the incumbent operator Tanzania Telecommunications Corporation (TTCL) with the technical support of the Chinese technology company Huawei. It covers the whole mountain, from the foot to the Uhuru peak, the highest point in Africa, located at 5,985 meters above sea level.

We worked closely with Huawei during the construction of the network to connect Africa’s highest peak. Huawei provided us with high quality equipment that worked smoothly despite extreme weather conditionssaid Peter Ulanga, Managing Director of TTCL.

The deployment of the high-speed network on Kilimanjaro is part of the national project for a backbone broadband information and communication technology (ICT) network, integrated by the TTCL. Called “National ICT Broadband Backbone (NICTBB)”, this infrastructure aims to improve the use of ICT in all sectors with a view to sustainable socio-economic development. Earlier this year, all rest camps below 3,795m on Kilimanjaro were connected to high-speed internet and Wi-Fi coverage.

The installation of a broadband network on Kilimanjaro is expected to improve the experience and safety of visitors. According to Nape Moses Nnauye, Tanzanian Minister of Information, Communications and Information Technology, this will not only further increase tourists to Tanzania by enabling them to share and promote the country’s tourism resources to the world. whole in due time, but also to improve employment, increase incomes and promote national development.

Isaac K. Kassouwi

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