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A priori, surprising the general public with a new model of projector is not an easy task. Samsung manages to achieve this feat with its portable projector The Freestyle.

Usually sold at 749 euros, the online sales site Cdiscount offers you to acquire the Samsung The Freestyle portable video projector for only 549 euros. Definitely revolutionary, the Freestyle is designed to respond to video projection desires excessively quickly and in the most difficult situations.

To meet this challenge, Samsung has placed its cylindrical projector on a foot allowing it to rotate up to 180° on a vertical axis. This allows you to direct the beam towards the ceiling, settle down comfortably in your bed or on the sofa and enjoy your favorite film or series in unique comfort conditions. But that’s not all. The Samsung The Freestyle also has other surprises.

Samsung is revolutionizing the notion of video projector here!

In general, when we want to enjoy a video projection, we put the device on a table facing the wall then we make the parallelism and focus adjustments. In the case of the Freestyle, you just have to put the device on a table and turn it on. All the adjustments necessary to obtain an optimized image are done automatically. Even stronger, if you place the Samsung Le Freestyle video projector on an uneven surface such as a bed, for example, the image is automatically straightened so that it is perfectly horizontal. Added to this is a 360° omnidirectional sound emission, the possibility of being powered from the mains or through a universal external battery for smartphones via its USB-C interface. Overflowing with countless possibilities, don’t miss the Samsung The Freestyle video projector, sold by Cdiscount at just 549 euros.

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