Students create an invisibility cloak against CCTV!

Students at Wuhan University in China have developed an invisibility cloak against CCTV.

From fiction to reality, there is only one step. Chinese students were inspired by the Harry Potter universe to create an invisibility cloak against video surveillance. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A meal to help students

3 more days until Christmas. At this time of year, the atmosphere is generous. So that students in precarious situations can count on associations.

New, France 3 also produced a report to highlight the Secours Populaire initiative to enable young people in need to benefit froma meal at 1 euro for the holidays.

On the program: Poultry, fish, tuna rillettes or potato gratin. The students were able to sustain themselves at very low cost.

Interviewed by our colleagues, Nicolas Champion, departmental secretary of Secours populaire in Calvados, was particularly proud of this action.

We are in green santas time. We distribute parcels to the people welcomed. Toys for children. » It was also added “For the students, we said to ourselves that it was not much use to give a ready-made parcel. What can be nice is to create a meal where everyone meets. »

Thus, the aim of the association is to ” get away from everyday life. “When we live in precariousness, we add misery to misery. It is difficult to eat, to dress, to cope with expenses… And suddenly, we do not dare to meet people, we do not dare to go to the other “, confided Nicolas Champion.

And to conclude: We help more than 400 students in the department throughout the year”. MCE TV tells you more!

An invisibility cloak against CCTV

So you will have understood, the French students go through a hard time. But in China, young people are no better off. Quite the contrary.

They even face another problem: CCTV. To fight against this system, students then chose to create an invisibility cloak.

Eh yes ! Harry Potter is getting real! This garment, baptized InvisDefense by the students, thus makes it possible to escape the cameras. How does it work ? It is very simple.

” During the day, patterns generated by algorithms interfere with detection”, RTBF report. “At night, heat emitters built into the jacket disrupt the infrared cameras. »

This is therefore a revolutionary product. And if you think this one costs a fortune. Nay. Indeed, it is only worth 70 euros.

It would also have been tested on the campus of Wuhan University. Campus where students come from. And the first results of this cape would have been very impressive.

“Pedestrian detection accuracy drops by 57%”, say our colleagues. But beware. This is not a militant approach. Indeed, this creation was developed as part of a competition supported by Huawei.

It remains to be seen whether this little gem of technology will ever be marketed. In any case, one thing is certain: the students hit the mark!

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