strike notice maintained for Christmas and New Year’s weekends

Sud-Rail and the CGT maintain their notice during the weekends of Christmas and New Year’s Day, without however formally calling a strike. The group of controllers deem management’s proposals failed.

The Sud-Rail union announced on Monday its intention to maintain its strike notice for SNCF controllers over the Christmas and New Year’s weekends.
Sud-Rail was mandated by a collective of controllers to examine the management’s compensation increase proposals.

The union did not make any known by press release that a majority position had not emerged and that, consequently, it decided to leave the “union tool” available to the collective and to maintain the notice without calling. as much formally on strike. Even chosen on the side of the CGT which also intends to leave the opportunity to its members to “get involved in the process”.

A consultation on the Facebook group of controllers

The grumbling movement of controllers, initially carried by a collective called “Collectif national ASCT” (CNA), was formed outside of any trade union framework and brought together more than 3,500 captains – the official name of controllers – in a group Facebook. However, he relied on the unions to carry his demands and file the strike notice at Christmas and New Year. After wanting to consult its members on Facebook to decide what action to take, the collective said on Friday that it had noted “numerous frauds and attempts to manipulate the vote” which led it to cancel the ballot and left it to the unions to probe. their members.

According to Sud-rail, this consultation “will not have made it possible to reach a majority position”. The union still invites the management of the SNCF to “raise its proposals to allow the appeasement of the situation”.

For its part, the CFDT had still not made its position known on Monday, while the Unsa-Ferroviaire lifted its notice on Friday, stating that the proposals of the management of the SNCF were “of a very good level”.

SNCF’s response “below expectations” of the collective of controllers

The management has notably proposed granting a work bonus of 600 euros per year to the skippers to recognize their specific job, in addition to the annual increases planned for 2023, as well as an acceleration of the progression of their remuneration or even a better price taking into account the medical situation of the agents. The controllers were at the origin of a strike at the beginning of December which had led to the cancellation of 60% of the TGVs.

On BFMTV, Olivier, head of the ASCT collective (agent of the commercial train service) recalls that the first weekend of the strike in early December “was very well attended”.

“It should be the same for Christmas and New Year weekends,” he said, even if the result of the consultation did not release a clear position.

And to add: “This movement which was initiated by our collective had and does not have for but to annoy people but to make us heard by our management and unfortunately its response is so below our expectations that we are forced to come to this end and we regret it very much”.

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