Steve Jobs’ hand-numbered Apple 1 fetches over $442,000

The record will not be reached, but all the same: the Apple 1 numbered by hand by Steve Jobs himself finally won at auction at just over 442,000 dollars, an amount a hair higher than the objective of the auctioneer. The Apple 1 was auctioned at an initial price of $37,000. The Apple 1 restored to working order by expert Corey Cohen in 20018 is hand numbered 01-00002, an inscription made by Steve Jobs himself! The machine is listed as number 78 in the Apple 1 registers, which means it is one of the first 100 Apple -1s (out of about 500 devices overall) to come out of the makeshift workshops set up by Jobs and Wozniak.

The motherboard comes with the original Apple-1 user manual, Apple Cassette Interface, two original ACI manuals, vintage ASCII keyboard, Sanyo 4205 video monitor, and cables and from the power connector. other objects related to Steve Jobs were sold during this same online auction, either a NeXT brochure signed by Steve Jobs (18,210 dollars) or even a pre-production model of NeXT Computer dating from 1988 ( $6094)

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