Spotify will support Apple’s HealthKit for sports playlists

Spotify is laying the groundwork for integration with HealthKit, an Apple health-related API. Several applications are already using it and now the music streaming service will be added to the list.

HealthKit allows apps to access user health data present in Apple’s Health app. This allows different functional possibilities.

On Twitter, Chris Messina to share code found in Spotify’s iOS app, indicating that HealthKit support is coming soon. This could allow Spotify to access information such as the user’s daily exercise time, calories burned, etc. The streaming service wants to use this information to suggest specific songs and playlists to each person that will motivate them during their workouts. “Get the right music for your workout”can we read in a message.

It is worth noting that every application using the HealthKit API must ask users whether or not they want to share their health data. This means that Spotify will not be able to collect everyone’s data, it will have to be given the green light beforehand.

There is currently no information regarding the availability date for HealthKit integration with the Spotify app on iOS. A few days ? A few weeks ?

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