SNCF strike for Christmas: the ASCT collective, this movement born on Facebook which escapes the unions

Weekend of galley to come on the rails. Only two trains out of three circulars have in France for the Christmas holidays, after a strike by controllers, according to SNCF spies. New difficulties for users after those of early December, when 60% of TGV and Intercités were canceled. But this time, the disturbances are of a different nature.

They have their origin in the demands of the collective ASCT (Agents of the commercial train service), and not of the traditional trade unions. Just born on Facebook, it brings together more than 3,500 members, controllers from all over France. Son but? Weigh in to obtain better working conditions, without going through the usual union representatives.

Everything starts from one “discussion group”says its manager, Olivier, at the microphone of France Inter. “We realized that the malaise was widespread, we had the same expectations, the same suffering at work.” Difficulties to which the unions have not made it possible to provide sufficient answers, according to him. “We worked with the unions, we asked them to help us. […] We need their support, and for years they couldn’t help us categorically.”


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