She finds an Apple AirTag in her bag and warns: “Girls, be careful”

An Apple product is currently at the heart of a controversy. Launched two years ago, the Air beacons aim to help their owner find a lost object. In particular, they can be attached to keys or a purse. Some also slip them into their suitcase in order to be able to locate them if they are lost by the airline. However, several people wanted to warn about their use at abused fins. Individuals would arm themselves with the purpose of stealing objects or follow someone.

Bloomberg thus reported that the American giant thus had to face several complaints. Of them ” class actions are presented in class. The first case involves a man who hid an AirTag in the wheel of his ex-girlfriend’s car in order to keep tracking her. The other fact relates to the action of a father who also concealed the object in his son’s backpack and his wife’s pocket to be able to geolocate them and follow their movements when he wants.

The AirTag, a device that presented security risks

Several people have also engaged in a fight against the device designated by the company at the apple. ” Although Apple has integrated protective measures in the AirTag product, they are woefully inadequate and do little or nothing to quickly notify people if they are being tracked”, they shared in a complaint, this Monday, December 5. Other young women, meanwhile, spoke on social networks to lift the veil on the risks posed by this product.

A TikToker named Molly shared a clip that quickly went viral. Message son? Warn women about certain dangerous. Indeed, the young Internet user found an AirTag in his handbag. An object that she did not recognize at first and which immediately aroused her suspicions. A malicious person then deliberately concealed the device in her purse while shopping. His intention according to the young woman? Follow her without her noticing. ” Girls, if something chose like this has ever happened to you, be careful. If you find one of these AirTags in your bag, get rid of them “, expressed the witness.

Several ongoing complaints against Apple

Many case of harassment have already been reported with AirTags. In addition, particularly violent events have taken place in the United States. In Ohio, a man has kill a woman which he had followed. A woman also knocked down her former boyfriend leaving a bar after placing an AirTag in his car. The persons at the origin of the desired complaint, for their part, representing ” the voice of women who have experienced or are experiencing harassment through this dangerous product “.

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A product at the heart of controversy, but which has met with real commercial success

With their legal action, the suspects want to obtain more and more security as well as financial compensation. After receiving several alerts, Apple said it had redesigned its alert system. A notification sound has thus been made possible within a perimeter accessible by Bluetooth. If, however, a malicious person wishes to remove the sound from the object, a notification can be sent to the iPhone to indicate when an AirTag is supposed to ring.

However, these measures are not not sufficient for suspects. Some companies have also taken the floor on this subject. This is the case of the airline Lufthansa who decided to ban these electronic beacons ban them as ” dangerous “. Despite this context punctuated by alerts, Apple hopes to achieve 55 million sales at the end of the year. These products are widely acclaimed since 35 million sales have already been reported by the firm in 2022.

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