Senator Kyrsten Sinema sells clothes and shoes on Facebook Marketplace

If you’re looking for a used bike frame or second-hand high heels, Arizona’s new independent senator Kyrsten Sinema might have a deal for you.

An Arizona reporter has confirmed a story first reported in Slate on Thursday that claimed the senator was not-so-secretly peddling multiple items on Facebook Marketplace, ranging from a $25 trucker hat to a bicycle travel suitcase. at $500.

Sinema’s side hustle has been somewhat lucrative, with Slate reporting that a Facebook account must have been the senator unloaded a treadmill for $600 and a road bike frame for $3,500, among other things.

While Slate could not confirm the real identity of an account belonging to “Kyrsten Sinema”, a five-star seller on Facebook Marketplace, an Arizona reporter said on Friday that it was indeed an account belonging to the Independent Owner.

AZ Mirror reporter Jim Small wrote that he had been Facebook friends with Sinema “for about 15 years” and could see “all the clothes and gear” listed in Slate’s story to be sold by the senator.

The Arizona senator’s Facebook Marketplace profile.

A pair of Bagdley Mischka size 8 greenhouses are $65.


“In all, she listed 84 posts on Facebook Marketplace,” according to Small, who said he has covered Sinema since her time in the Arizona House of Representatives, to which she was elected in 2004.

Slate notes that it doesn’t appear that Sinema trades her job title to mark up the price of items she sells, with most items appearing to be “reasonably priced.”

The outlet also reported that it does not appear that the items sold by Sinema come close to the Senate-earned outside revenue limit of $29,895.

To hopefully meet the former Democratic senator, it doesn’t look like she personally gives you anything you buy.

When the Slate reporter bought a pair of heels that Sinema put up for sale, she exchanged messages with the senator via Facebook and was told to pick them up at the front desk of his apartment building in Arizona.

The Post has contacted Sinema’s office for comment.

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