Security flaws force Apple to fail an iOS update on older iPhones and iPads

The so-called “zero day” flaws, vulnerabilities that have not yet been corrected and are therefore exploitable, were patched in August. Apple has just passed the patch update on in addition to (very old) iPhone and iPad.

iphone 5s

Apple announced on Wednesday August 17 that it had corrected two major software security flaws concerning the operating systems of the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Without much delay, it was necessary to install the latest update of the operating system.

The first identified vulnerability designated, under the names CVE-2022-32894, affects the core (Where ” core ) of iOS, an essential component of Apple’s software. Another concerns WebKit, used by Safari and Chrome. The flaw makes it possible to thwart the security of browsers to carry out code on a device without the knowledge of its user if the latter went, for example, to a Web page designed by hackers.

Old iPhones and iPads updated

Finally, Apple rolled out an iOS 12 update again, this time on older iPhones from iPhone 5s, and also iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3. This is iOS 12.5.6. We hadn’t seen an update to the iPhone 5s and 6 in almost a year. Remember, by the way, that the iPhone 5s was presented in 2013… Almost 10 years ago.

Apple regularly releases software updates for iPhones, iPads, and Macs, and sometimes it’s normal to lag when it comes to installing them. This time, don’t delay.

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