Scam on Facebook: a user is duped during a car rental

A 23-year-old resident of Pointe-aux-Sables was scammed by a fake car rental agent. She filed a complaint with the police on Saturday, December 17.

Thursday, December 15, after she spoke with a certain Alain C. for the rental of a car, a young woman confirmed her reservation. On the same day, she made a payment of Rs 1,100 through the Juice app.

According to her, she had to pick up the car from the La City parking area, in Trianon, the same day. Once there, the young woman waited several hours. The agent never showed up for the meeting.

The complaint was explained in her deposition that she made several calls to the agent who remained unreachable. The young woman conducted her little investigation on social networks. And, according to her, several other people said they had been scammed by the same person.

The conversation gave details to investigators. She would have met the agent in question, through Facebook, in February. He offered his car rental services.


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