Samsung would like to overshadow Qualcomm… and Samsung

After years of doggedly keeping its Exynos chips afloat, Samsung is well and truly about to drop the case. We learn that internally, a new team would have been responsible for developing smartphone chips that would act as an alternative to the current solutions of the Korean giant.

This could be the beginning of the end for Exynos chips on Samsung smartphones // Source: Samsung via WCCFTech

Is Samsung about to drop the production of Exynos chips and their integration into its high-end smartphones? The question is precisely beginning to arise. While stubborn rumors suggest for several months that Samsung would be on the verge of stopping the costs in this area, new information tends to confirm, at least in part, this persistent thesis. To explain it properly, however, you have to go (a little bit) into the detail of the different internal branches of Samsung.

As reminded android font, the Korean giant’s smartphones are produced by the Mobile eXperience (MX) division, while the Exynos chips are for their part designed by the System LSI branch. Until now, MX and System LSI have worked closely together to enable Exynos SoCs to be integrated into a whole constellation of mobile devices, including many Galaxy smartphones. According to industrial sources of The electthis would soon no longer be the case.

Exynos: Samsung could change its approach

More precisely, The elect reports that the MX department has formed a new team to develop smartphone processors independent of System LSI. The idea here would be to design SoCs dedicated exclusively to the smartphone field, while the current and future Exynos chips would then be reassigned to other sectors (such as the automotive field, the IoT or them portable).

To lead this new team attached to the MX division, Samsung would also put Won-Joon Choi, a former Qualcomm executive, whom he left in 2016 to join the Korean group. Since then, the person concerned has in particular directed R&D on florets of Samsung as well as the Technology Strategy team, specifies android font.

It remains to be seen what to expect when it comes to the Galaxy S23. Leaks have indicated that Samsung’s next spearhead will be exclusively equipped with Qualcomm chips, while others have, on the contrary, induced that it will continue to be equipped in part with Exynos processors.

Difficult for the moment to see it completely clearly, especially since Samsung did not wish to comment on the information of The elect, but it seems in any case that the firm is well on its way to launching much more competitive smartphone processors within a few years. In the meantime, it wouldn’t be surprising if the partnership between Samsung and Qualcomm continues to grow stronger.

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