Samsung wants to make all its smartphones 5G compatible, even the cheapest ones

At Samsung, some models are still only compatible with 4G networks. This should soon change, since the Korean giant would continue to move towards 100% 5G on the next generations.

As more and more 5G smartphones are sold around the world every year, this technology was until some time ago reserved only for high-end smartphones. Nowadays, it is possible to find entry-level models compatible with 5G networks. Besides, 5G smartphones are currently more popular than 4G smartphones.

However, 4G models have not disappeared. Samsung continues to release 4G versions of some of its most affordable smartphones, and these often come with 5G versions. Going forward, according to a report by IT Home, the Korean giant intends to put everything on the new standard.

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5G models are often the worst performers

Until now, we could see at Samsung that the 4G versions of its smartphones were often more interesting than the 5G models. Although the latter are equipped with more powerful processors, which must be compatible with this new standard, devices often have to make additional concessions on other aspects.

Indeed, due to the higher cost of 5G processors, Samsung is forced to equip its smartphones screens with lower definition, or less efficient cameras than the 4G versions. The goal is simple: to bring prices down to allow its smartphones to remain affordable.

The Galaxy A13 4G, for example, uses an FHD+ screen (1080 x 2408 pixels), while the A13 5G model is equipped with an HD+ screen (720 x 1600 pixels). This therefore makes the user experience very different from one version to another, even though the smartphones bear almost the same name.

Rather than continuing to differentiate its smartphones in this way, Samsung should soon completely abandon models that are only 4G compatible. Now that next-gen processors are nearly all 5G-capable, Samsung won’t have to release two different versions.

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