Samsung The Frame 2022: never has a television been so discreet

The Frame 2022 TV combines technology and aesthetics like no other TV can. Its silhouette has become more refined, its matte panel absorbs light reflections and new customizable frames are available, for an ever more elegant look. Here’s everything you need to know about exceptional televisions and how, like a painting, The Frame transforms your interior into a veritable art gallery.

The Frame TV is for anyone who refuses to share their life with an ugly black monolith and wonders how to furnish a living room, bedroom or office without disturbing the interior harmony.

If you are one of these people, you have undoubtedly already chosen the Samsung TV as your solution and you will be interested to learn that the new generation offered in 2022 pushes the concept even further of this television capable of transforming into a real painting. once extinguished.

The TV that merges with a work of art

Samsung has thus reworked the finesse of The Frame so that it is always more discreet and introduced either a matte anti-reflective QLED panel. This addition not only improves the viewing experience in bright rooms, but above all reinforces the illusion of being in front of a real painting once the mode Art asset.

Indeed, when you are not watching a movie, a sporting event or a series, The Frame can turn into a painting and display the work of your choice among hundreds of world-famous creations. The ultra-thin wall hanger that is included also accentuates this feeling of digital canvas by using the distance between the screen and the wall.


The Samsung The Frame 2022 TV.


Of rare elegance, its silhouette merges with a painting thus playing the illusionists. The customizable frames that dress the TV are now available in several colors and even have two finishes, one slightly bevelled, very chic, and the other similar to an American box with a baguette plate, sober and delicate. Their installation is also based on an ingenious magnetic system, allowing you to switch from one style to another, very easily, according to your desires.

The luminosity sensor side adjusts the luminosity and adapts the colors in order to guarantee an always ideal rendering of the works. And Samsung has even provided a motion sensor so that it does not stay on unnecessarily when there is no one in the room.

The connecting cable between the One Connect box and the Samsung The Frame 2022 television

Thanks to the remote box A connectiona single cable is enough to connect your devices and power The Frame.


As for the connectors, it is deported within the case A connection that you can position out of sight, in a piece of furniture or a closet, thus leaving your installation uncluttered. Only an ultra-discreet, almost invisible flat cable connects the remote box and the television, further emphasizing the minimalist design concept desired by the creators of The Frame.

A new user-friendly and artistic interface

The interface of The Frame 2022 television gains in ergonomics, it is also more user-friendly with the introduction of a home bar which puts in the foreground the contents likely to interest you. You then only have to make your choice between a good film, a series or a painting accessible from the new art store. The latter brings together a huge selection of classic and modern masterpieces. In addition, it is also possible to display your own memories on the television via a USB key or directly from a mobile device using the application SmartThings.

Dazzling 4K QLED picture!

The Frame 2022 television benefits from all of Samsung’s know-how in terms of display, starting with QLED technology which restores 100% of the colorimetric volume. It delivers an image that is both dazzling and natural, always with very beautiful nuances and maximum realism.

The presence of the system Dual LEDs also reinforces the contrast and improves the viewing angles in order to benefit from a perfect rendering, whatever its position on the sofa… The 4K UHD definition (3,840 points by 2,160) ensures detailed images and the HLG standards and HDR10+ Deepen rendering in compatible movies and video games.

And since immersion also goes through audio, Samsung has added its technology Object Tracking Sound which dynamically adapts the sound to the movements of objects on the screen via the Dolby Atmos.

A little girl in front of her father browsing the Tizen interface of a Samsung The Frame 2022 TV, lifestyle visual

The Tizen interface of the Samsung The Frame 2022 TV.


Software ergonomics that simplifies everything

Neither has TV connectivity been sacrificed on the altar of design and minimalism: The Frame 2022 incorporates Tizen, the Smart TV system of Samsung TVs. Modern and elegant, this customizable interface, designed to be controlled by remote control, provides quick access to your favorite TV programs, streaming platforms and VOD services.

By the way, you will appreciate the support of the Google Assistant to control the interface by voice, a centralized platform for players (game center) and mode multi-view in order to follow several programs at the same time.

Finally, those who especially do not want to see an outdated cable in the living room can replace the TV decoder of their telecom operator (Orange, Bouygues Telecom and Free) with a dedicated application accessible directly from the television interface. When the software contributes a little more to making The Frame an exceptional object.

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