Samsung stands out as the king of tech in the hearts of consumers

At the Tech&Co Fnac Darty Awards, Samsung won four prizes. Whether you are looking for a television or a sound bar, choose the best… Especially since at Darty, you can save several hundred euros thanks to unbeatable reimbursement offers.

Samsung is the crème de la crème. To end the year on a high note, many products from the South Korean manufacturer were voted the best in their categories. Indeed, on the occasion of the Tech&Co Fnac Darty Awards, which present the best tech products of the year, Samsung televisions and sound bars have won everything. Of the 12 categories, Samsung won four trophies. A fine track record. Of the products pre-selected by the Fnac lab and the Tech&Co editorial staff, the general public elected their favorite products in each of the 12 categories.

If you’re looking for a new TV or want to enhance your experience with a great soundbar, Samsung has you covered. We take stock of the best Samsung products, acclaimed at the Tech&Co Fnac Darty Awards.

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The Frame, sustainability award

With its The Frame range, Samsung unveils televisions as beautiful as a work of art. Indeed, when the television is in standby, it turns into a magnificent painting attached to your wall. But because beauty isn’t everything, The Frame televisions are based on QLED 4KDual LED technology. The image is bright, detailed, colorful… A real treat! But Samsung goes longer.

Today, the sustainability of products is at the heart of consumer concerns. Thus, The Frame range is also environmentally friendly. Indeed, these televisions offer an excellent repairability index: 8.4/10. This means that they can be easily repaired and therefore have a longer lifespan. Five criteria determine this score: the documentation available, the ease of dismantling, the availability of spare parts, their price and a specific criterion such as free remote assistance or the possibility of software reset.


In addition to an excellent repairability rate, The Frame range has an eco-responsible cardboard packaging, without staples and color ink on the boxes. Thanks to these efforts, Samsung’s The Frame TVs won the “Best Sustainable Choice Product” award.

The 43-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch models are respectively 999 euros instead of 1099 euros, 1299 euros instead of 1499 euros, and 1699 euros instead of 1999 euros at Darty. You have until January 10 to take advantage of these cashback offers. You have the possibility of diluting the cost of your purchase with the payment in four installments free of charge. Cherry on the cake ? Customizable frames are available.

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OLED, best TV of 2022

If you prefer to put on OLED technology, the 55S95B and 65S95B 2022 OLED TVs are marvels. With the Neural Quantum Processor 4K, this TV promises you a sensational immersive experience. To watch your favorite movies, series or sporting events, the 65-inch Samsung OLED TV reveals a precise image, bright colors, optimized contrasts, deep blacks and excellent brightness. To go even further, note the presence of wireless Dolby Atmos technology as well as HDR10+ compatibility or the innovative 4K 120 Hz function.

Samsung 4K UHD OLED TV

Finally, this television will not do a task in your living room. With its ultra-thin and sleek design, the 65S95B 2022 OLED TV is all about elegance and blends in perfectly with your interior. With all these premium features, it’s no surprise it was voted “Best TV of 2022” at the Tech&Co Fnac Darty Awards. At Darty, the OLED 65S95B TV is at 2499 euros instead of 2799 euros thanks to a refund offer of 300 euros. For its part, the 55S95B model is entitled to a refund of 200 euros on its initial price, which drops its price to 1799 euros instead of 1999 euros.

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Q800B, crowned best soundbar in 2022

If you also want to get your ears full, you can embark on an extraordinary auditory journey thanks to Samsung soundbars, and more particularly the Q800B soundbar. It sports 11 speakers, both upright and side, and an eight-inch subwoofer. To enjoy the best sound, it relies on wireless Dolby Atmos technology, which offers immersive 360° sound. But its main argument is the Q-Symphony 2.0 technology. The latter ensures perfect harmony between the soundbar and your TV. Your TV’s speakers sync to your soundbar’s speakers to perfectly match the action on screen and it’s more enjoyable.

samsung q series wire bar

The Q800B soundbar also has a pro gaming mode for gamers to enjoy. To spice up your movie nights, gaming sessions or musical moments, a soundbar is a must. Among the nominees in the best soundbar category, the Q800B ousted the competition. Thanks to a refund offer of 100 euros, it is currently only 599.99 euros instead of 699.99 euros. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of the ultimate at such an attractive price.

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