Samsung Promo: The most revolutionary PC gaming screen is finally on sale!

Good deal news Samsung Promo: The most revolutionary PC gaming screen is finally on sale!

We saw it arrive with its huge base and its configuration to melt all the graphics cards not strong enough to withstand its resolution. But now, it’s reduced, and there’s no denying it, it’s going to look classy at the foot of the Christmas tree!

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And currently, at home, we find one of the most revolutionary PC screens of the moment, the Samsung Odyssey Ark. The latter combines both the characteristics of a TV with the configuration of a PC gaming screen. And with its resolution, it’s a monster of power that will catapult you into immersive universes.

Buy the Odyssey Ark for €2,759 at Son-Vidé

Samsung’s Odyssey Ark: the ultimate PC monitor?

In the world of gaming, the South Korean brand Samsung has made a specialty of offering curved pc screens. They are even the ones who offer the strongest curvature on the market: 1000R.

But above all, they manage to offer monitors that combine all the necessary characteristics to meet the needs and desires of gamers and gamers.

Samsung Promo: The most revolutionary PC gaming screen is finally on sale!

And that’s what we find in the Odyssey Ark: a 55-inch diagonal PC screen with 4K resolution, a refresh rate of 165Hz and a response time of 1ms.

But, on top of that, it sports a 1000R curved VA panel, Quantum HDR 2000 and lots of other elements and technologies that make it a crazy screen! Plus, it tilts to the side.

On the other hand, we are not going to hide it from you, you will need a PC with a very recent configuration in order to take advantage of the full potential of this monitor which is able to offer you a unique gaming experience.

Buy the Odyssey Ark for €2,759 at Son-Vidé

Strong points

  • Innovative and elegant design, especially for a product marketed gaming
  • Very bright, ideal for lighted rooms
  • Image quality rendered in 4K, with deep blacks
  • A very good integrated sound system for a PC screen
  • The promise of the hybrid screen with its smart TV functions is generally well kept
  • The Ark Dial remote control is very successful

Weak points

  • Connectors adapted to a 4K TV, less to a PC (absence of Display Port)
  • Currently unable to display 2 HDMI sources at the same time
  • The large format is not optimal for long-term use at less than one meter
  • High introductory price, around 3000€ (the price does not influence the final grade)

In terms of pure specs, the Samsung Odyssey Ark is a very good monitor. Ultra-bright Mini-LED matte panel that retains good contrast, pretty colors thanks to the famous Quantum Dots, 4K resolution, 1 ms response time, 165 Hz panel, very satisfying sound… But the Samsung Odyssey Ark is not just a simple monitor, it is a kind of hybrid, certainly very innovative, but imperfect. The format requires a lot of hindsight, the absence of Display Port is noticeable and it is quite frustrating not to be able to display 2 HDMI sources at the same time. These defects do not affect the excellent quality of the slab. If your budget allows it, you can be sure that such a behemoth will impress your guests.

Samsung Promo: The most revolutionary PC gaming screen is finally on sale!

Buy the Odyssey Ark for €2,759 at Son-Vidé

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