Samsung prioritizes developing OLED display for 2024 iPad Pro

Apple should release an iPad with an OLED screen in 2024 and Samsung gives priority to this panel, according to information from The Elec.

Apple has long lobbied companies like Samsung to develop an OLED display for the iPad that uses dual-layer technology. The double layer gives longer life and makes the screen brighter, but it is more spent. Previously, Apple had let Samsung down because the company didn’t want to develop such screens, and later Samsung tried to get the order back.

Today, Samsung is prioritizing the development of OLED screen with two-sofa technology. The Korean group reported the investment in terms of development with a single layer. Samsung has been working on this approach for over a year with Japanese company Ulvac. Now the company is putting an end to this investment and prefers to invest in the development of its double-layer method, on which it is working with the company Canon Tokki.

The iPad Pro with an OLED screen should arrive in 2024, both in 11 inches and 12.9 inches. It is also rumored that Apple would offer an OLED screen on the 13-inch MacBook Air the same year.

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