Samsung pokes fun at Apple in new ad

Earlier in the year, we showed you this publicity of Samsung which had caused controversy, forcing the brand to publicly apologize. And it seems that the Korean electronics giant continues to be talked about thanks to its various marketing campaignsthis new series of pub recently published, intended to reveal itself from one of its main competitors.

a small tackle to Apple

Founded in 1969, Samsung Electronics belongs to the Samsung group, which is none other than one of the main Korean chaebols, then referring to conglomerates based in Korea, made up of different companies that bind complex financial relationships. Samsung is mainly known to the general public for its televisions or its mobile phones, but in reality, its electronic devices represent only a small percentage of its annual turnover.

Regarding the mobile telephony market, we can see that two companies separate more than half of the market share, then waging a fierce battle to establish their domination over the other. And of course it’s Samsung and Apple. In November this year, Samsung had 28.33% market share, compared to 27.48% for Apple. And if the two companies are regularly neck and neck, they are still far ahead of other market players, with for example Xiaomi, which is however in third position, but with just under 13% market share, the rest being below the 7% threshold.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Device Vendor Market Share

In order to stand out from the competition, companies then focus on several aspects, in particular on the diversification of their products. A dimension that has been highlighted by Samsung recently, in particular with the promotion of its foldable smartphoneslike the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4. This is why the Korean giant has decided to launch an advertising campaign to promote its new model released earlier this year, while taking advantage of the opportunity that was given to him to attack his direct competitor.

For that, Samsung released a series of short videos titled “On the Fence” (lit.: on the palisade), where we can have an Apple user who is reluctant to make the transition to Samsung, then represented by a person who stands on a palisade, acting as a barrier between the two ecosystems. And in the latest video, the protagonist is challenged by a Samsung user, who explains to him that she too was like him in the past, “sitting on the fence between Samsung and Apple”.

Where previous videos mocked the passivity of Apple users, or praised the merits of its recent foldable smartphone models, Samsung’s latest video seems to have the ambition to touch the emotional dimension of consumerssuggesting that using a foldable smartphone could help grab the attention of your loved ones.

This reminds us that the emotional dimension is increasingly used by brands, thus allowing the emergence and development of the new discipline, like neuromarketing for example. Banned in France, neuromarketing uses neuroscience for marketing and communication purposes, and aims to study the reactions of a consumer’s brain to the emotions felt by an advertisement.

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