Samsung may be the mobile leader in Europe, but not everywhere

With 21% market share, Samsung seems to remain the undisputed number one seller of smartphones on a global scale. The figure, which comes to us from a study by Counterpoint Research, should be compared with the 16% obtained by Apple for the same period, namely the third quarter of 2022. Xiaomi, which also markets the Redmi brand, is on the last step of the podium here with 13% market share. Then follow Oppo (10%), Vivo (9%) and Honor (5%). Huawei has completely disappeared from circulation since the European and American sanctions against it. These were enacted following suspicions of mass surveillance and collusion with the Chinese government.

Among the best-selling mobiles at the moment, at Samsung, these are probably the foldable mobiles who talk the most about them. The two star models of December are the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4, both running Android with the proprietary overlay A user interface. The former offers a large 7.6-inch display when unfolded, with a Snapdragon iPhone 8 Plus Gen 1 chip etched in four nanometers under the hood. With the Galaxy Z Flip 4, users can count on 6.7 inches and the same processor.

Different scores depending on the continents

Although Samsung is therefore first globally, this is not the case in North America or it is Apple wins, well ahead of all its competitors. The firm thus monopolizes first place in the local ranking with no less than 50% market share against only half as much for Samsung. Its main flagships today are the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which, despite being the most expensive in their collection, are still the best-selling ones. No hinge here, but photo sensors among the most efficient on the market according to most observers.

In Europe, however, the ranking still sees Samsung at the top of sales but seconded, tied, by Xiaomi and Apple. For the Chinese, the strategy is identical to that of Samsung: to offer mobile phones for all budgets. The wealthiest customers will put on the Xiaomi 13 Pro, for example, which has just been released, but is not yet available in France. For the tightest budgets, we will rather opt for a Redmi Note 11 whose price is installed under 200 euros.

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The market takes the hair of the beast

With 301.9 million smartphones sold between July and September according to Counterpoint, the mobile phone sector has lost 12% of its volume since last year. If we compare these figures with the previous quarter, however, growth is back with +3% on the counter.

Apple would also be the only firm to benefit from an increase in sales over twelve months. The firm’s stock on the Wall Street stock exchange is worth around 135 dollars at the time of writing, but the next financial results are expected at the end of January.

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