Samsung Galaxy S23: the first promotional images presented on the Web

On the series of three advertising posters, we can see the S23+ and the 23 Ultra accompanied by a Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. The images confirm what rumors have been predicting for several months: the S23s make some minor aesthetic changes, but remain close to the design choices of the S22s. The S23+ sports slightly rounded corners, abandons the photo island of the S22+ and simply sticks three small photo modules on its back. The “standard” S22 should inherit the same design, but in a more compact format.

Colored S23s (for advertising at least)

The S23 Ultra, for its part, looks like two drops of water to the S22 Ultra, from which it is distinguished only by a slight touch of color present around three of the five photo modules on the back. The punch front module and the screen that occupies the entire front surface are still there. The muted pink of the S23+ and the green of the S23 Ultra, which can be seen in these images, will be the colors featured in Samsung’s marketing campaigns, according to 91Mobiles.

Since the design of the devices is now beyond doubt and the technical data sheet is practically known, all that remains is to find out the price and perhaps some surprises next February 1.

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