Samsung Electronics Reveals Winner of First-Ever Roblox “Space Cup” Soccer Tournament in MENA

The Saudi Arabia team, carried by famous YouTube player Pika Loli, beat Morocco in the league to win a prize worth $10,000.

– In less than 10 days, the tournament had over 1,500 registrations in the MENA region, and the game had over 220,000 views.
– In the month since the Space Cup launched, 475,000 people have played Space Tycoon mini-games.

Tunis, December 19, 2022, Samsung MENA has announced the winners of its first Roblox Space Cup tournament, an exclusive behind-closed-doors event hosted on its virtual playground, Space Tycoon, and paying tribute to the ongoing football championship. The Saudi Arabian team was crowned champions of the first Space Cup, making history in the virtual sports space.

The Saudi team was led by famous YouTuber and gamer Pika Loli, who beat the Moroccan team (Abdel Hadi) in the final of the match, winning $10,000 worth of Samsung products. Eight teams led by influencers from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq and Tunisia competed during the two days of the Roblox tournament to win the famous trophy .

It should be noted that in less than 10 days, more than 1,500 sports fans registered to attend the tournament, exceeding all expectations. The event was streamed on Samsung MENA’s YouTube channels and garnered over 220,000 views over the two-day event (December 9 and 10).

Mohammed Al Azzawe, Head of Brand Marketing – MENA Regional Headquarters at Samsung Electronics, commented: “This virtual sporting event, the first of its kind, has generated tremendous interest across the region. This result is a testament to our ongoing efforts to connect with our Gen Z customers through interactive platforms, while providing them with an exhilarating experience. We will continue our drive for innovation and spare no effort to empower our consumers through our personalized product experiences.

Gen Z audiences continue to visit Space Tycoon long after the tournament to play the new soccer-themed mini-games released for sports enthusiasts and Roblox enthusiasts to enjoy. Since the tournament was announced last month, over 475,000 players have signed up to play the minigames on Space Tycoon. Visits to Space Tycoon have increased by 95% since the start of the tournament, garnering 165 million impressions.

Due to the huge popularity of Roblox and the expansive gaming community in the MENA region, selecting 16 finalists from the 64 shortlisted players was the biggest challenge. The Space Cup was a huge success, receiving positive reactions from players and spectators across the MENA region before, during and after the tournament.

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