Samsung cuts the price of its famous ecobubble™ washing machine and it’s worth it

Samsung’s washing machine is equipped with ecobubble™. A technology that injects air into the mixture of water and detergent for more efficient dissolution of detergents. The device creates an ultra-efficient foam that penetrates the fibres. The Samsung ecobubble™ washing machine cold wash is as efficient as a 40 degree wash while saving energy. The quality and colors of the textiles remain preserved! The lower part of the drum produces steam that eliminates 99.99% of allergy-causing bacteria such as dust mites, pollen or animal hair. The Digital Inverter motor makes cleaning your Samsung ecobubble™ washing machine as reliable as it is quiet. A part guaranteed for 20 years for laundry with peace of mind. This Samsung ecobubble™ washing machine benefits from free delivery with commissioning and its price goes from 579 euros to 499 euros!

Opt for the Samsung ecobubble™ washing machine for less than 500 euros

To maintain your Samsung ecobubble™ washing machine, use the Drum Clean cycle for chemical-free interior cleaning. Stop wasting detergent with a self-cleaning drawer. The bin no longer accumulates residue that produces unpleasant cleaning. The device has an option against difficult stains. This Samsung ecobubble™ washing machine, payable in 3 or 4 installments free of charge, comes with an immediate discount in the basket for the purchase of several products in the household appliances department. Enjoy 5% discount for the purchase of 2 products, 10% discount for the purchase of 3 products and 15% discount for the purchase of 4 or more products.

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