Samsung claims the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will make you cool

Samsung wants to convince you that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the best smartphone to get cool with your iPhone-using friends. This is what we can see in a new anti-Apple advertisement released by the American branch.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 // Source: Samsung Advertising

Samsung returns to the charge against Apple. The US arm of the mobile phone giant is known for its very spicy ads against its biggest rival. Not long ago, an advertisement for Galaxy smartphones still took the risk of making fun of the Apple brand.

In this ad, we saw a character ready to step over a fence symbolizing – not very subtly – the barrier between the Apple and Samsung ecosystems. Behind him, caricatured iPhone users were moved to see their sidekick questioning the lack of news and innovations on the side of Apple. At the same time, in front of him, we guessed, off camera, a radiant and much more attractive Samsung world. The South Korean giant therefore called on consumers to go over the barrier and no longer hesitate.

A Galaxy Z Flip 4 to be popular

In a new ad, Samsung USA puts on a diaper. We find the same main character, still sitting on the barrier between the two ecosystems. However, this time, on a glimpse of the Samsung world. A Galaxy Z Flip 4 user even chats with the protagonist.

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The caller tells him that she was like him back then, “sitting on the fence between Apple and Samsung“. The main character replies that he would like to take the plunge, “but i’m afraid of what my friends will think“. To this, the person on the Samsung side responds with great confidence: “When you pull out your new Galaxy Z Flip 4, people are going to lose their minds. […] They will never leave you alone“.

The lady then hands him the smartphone and as soon as the protagonist grabs it, two people from Apple’s side appear to tell him that it’s a product “cooland ask for a closer look.

The situation pleases the character who was hesitating and he finally decides to go to the other side. Here he is in the Samsung camp now, happy. Not only does he discover foldable smartphones, but he can also make his friends who are Apple fans dream. Also note the comment on the Samsung side, people skate and roller skate. In the previous commercial, the world of Apple seemed much more cold and boring.

Relevant reviews?

We therefore find here the same criticisms pointing to the closed Apple ecosystem which, according to Samsung, avoided discovering the most exciting innovations.

Note, however, that this second episode is the least virulent with regard to Apple. This second clip tries to highlight the attractive aspect of Samsung when the first advertisement is mainly content to mock the Cupertino company.

It will be interesting to see how these commercials age. The track of a foldable smartphone at Apple is very credible. At the same time, the Californian company would consider opening the doors of iOS to competitors from the App Store and letting go of certain restricted functions such as NFC. In other words, the criticisms issued by Samsung may not remain relevant for very long.

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