Samsung 4K TV promo: the 55-inch QLED 55Q70A TV is less than €370!

Good deal news Samsung 4K TV promo: the 55-inch QLED 55Q70A TV is less than €370!

Today, 4K is sophisticated technology and in 2022, it’s simply impossible to miss. Samsung shines with its 4K TVs in particular thanks to QLED technology which competes with the OLED technology initiated by LG. this big promotion on the QLED 55Q70A TV may tip the scales in favor of Samsung…

Cdiscount lets go and sells off the price of the Samsung QLED 55Q70A 4K TV

After having struggled to get your hands on Sony’s PS5, we won’t want you to enjoy it with a nice and large adapted 4K TV. That’s good, at Samsung, you have a wide choice of high-end 4K TVs perfectly suited for the PS5, but you have to pay the price.

Buy the Samsung 55Q70A 4K TV for €669.99 at Cdiscount

The smartest among you will rightly wait for the promotions. Moreover, the Samsung QLED 55Q70A is currently displayed at Cdiscount at €669.99 instead of €1046.

Samsung: the main features of the 4K QLED 55Q70A TV

Modern TVs have a processor, like a computer or smartphone. One of the main tasks of this processor is to analyze the received image to improve it. When you scale a source to Full HD, 1080p, a resolution still extremely present, the TV will “upscale” it to 4K4K simulator.

Let’s now explain what QLED consists of, whose graphics are very close to OLED while the two technologies have nothing to do. Here, no infinite contrast, there is always a backlight panel. But, on this backlight panel, Samsung has deposited its famous “quantum dots”, nanoparticles that react to light.

With QLED, the colorimetric space covered is much larger, the contrast is improved, the brightness remains very strong…and all without a cost that explodes too much as is the case with OLED.

Last technical point: HDMI 2.1. This is the latest HDMI standard which not only makes it possible to stream sources in Dolby Atmos when the port is also e-ARC but also and above all to stream content in 4K 120 FPS or 8K 60 FPS. The maximum capabilities of next gen consoles.

Note that to take advantage of it, you need a 120 Hz screen, capable of refreshing itself 120 times per second. The Q70A has one that makes it an ideal TV for playing with a next gen console like an Xbox Series X or a PS5.

Buy the Samsung 55Q70A 4K TV for €669.99 at Cdiscount

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