Rochette stops comics, fearing “political commissars”

He just made it seem the last queen at Casterman, but the author specifies – with a bitterness that one perceives despite the writing – that this is his last book. To support his decision, he evokes a column published in the collaborative pages of Mediapart: The reasons for anger. It follows the uprising against the author Bastien Vivès in recent times.


The text has collected more than 400 signatures, where authors and publishers claim at the Angoulême festival that it “ writes and establishes a charter of commitment, so that the future selections and programming of the festival are carried out with respect for the rights of minoritized people as well as in the equality of their representations “.

All this against a backdrop of controversy, of course: the author Bastien Vivès saw his exhibition canceled, following pressure, and even more so, physical threats. He is blamed child pornography offersdrawings that would not be less and even attacks against EmmaClit, feminist designer.

These signatories would like to that comics are now framed by a politically responsible manual, in other words it’s called editing monitoring by political commissars “Laments Rochette. Enough for him to prefer to get away from this atmosphere.

For her part, the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak assures the Parisian that the words of the incriminated designer “are not acceptable. » Pour as much, on « cannot reduce this author to two tapes and a few sentences said in an interview “.

Bastien Vivès, he had apologized publicly in an Instagram post on December 15.

I condemn pedocrime, as well as its apology and its trivialization. I condemn rape culture and violence against women. I want to express my sincere solidarity with the victims of incest and any other sexual abuse. Under no circumstances should my books be read under the prism of complacency towards these crimes.

Bastien Vives

Having chosen to defend the author, the FIBD preferred to cancel his visit: “Physical threats were made vis-à-vis Bastien Vives. It is therefore not possible for the event to consider that its programming could pose such risks to an author and, potentially, in a few weeks, to its festival-goers. »

About ten days ago, a petition signed by the co-founder of the Be Brave France movement, Arnaud Gallais, committed against sexual violence against children, had dismantled the hostilities. “The time when artists demonstrate the apology of pedocrime must be over in France. It is time for Emmanuel Macron to move from words to deeds about his intention to raise the fight against incest to the rank of major national causes.»

Since update, she sentenced “forcefully all threats made against him. We deplore the complete lack of reaction from the government despite our numerous requests“.

the last queende Rochette had received, last week, the RTL Comics Grand Prize.

Photo credits: Jean-Marc Rochette – Floors, CC BY SA 4.0

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