Residents of a Nantes nursing home are appealing to receive mail for Christmas. All to your feathers!

Following the publication we made on Facebook which caused great interest, we decided to make an article to let you know all the people who would like to receive mail for Christmas.

It’s just a simple way to make this moment even more magical!!!

If for many people, the end of year celebrations represent a joyful and festive moment shared with the family, for other people, it represents a great moment of solitude far from their loved ones.

On our Facebook post yesterday morning, a lot of people pledged to write to them!!!

A big thank you to all of you, it’s really great to see so much generosity and kindness!

This is particularly the case for the elderly in specialized establishments, who are particularly afraid of the end-of-year celebrations.

But a few comforting words can be enough to restore the balm to the heart of these people.

For several days, residents of an nursing home located in Nantes have been doing the rounds on social networks.

You can see circular photos of them holding a slate in their hands with their name and postal address.

The purpose of these photos is to invite all those who wish, to send them mail for Christmas.

They are called Marcelle Boucho, Marie Micheline Orain, Jean-Claude Caillac and Marie-Annick Cossard and live at 2 rue Roger Glotin 44300 Nantes, at the Enchanterie nursing home.

For several years, associations have called on people to take a few moments to write a letter to their elders, whether during the holidays or outside.

This phenomenon took on even more importance during the confinement, in particular with the creation of the association Appelle ta Jaqueline.

If you lack inspiration to write your letter, no worries. You can find examples to inspire you on the website of the association 1lettre1sourire.

You can talk about your daily life, tell an anecdote, a trip you love or simply a comforting word to make them forget their loneliness for a moment.

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