reservations open, but production date remains unknown

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Tesla has opened reservations for its electric heavyweight, the Semi. It is now possible to pay a deposit to pre-order copies.

Like the Cybertruck, which is slow to enter production, the Tesla Semi is still far from seeing the light of day. But the electric heavyweight has just taken a step closer to commercialization.

While it has been in the intensive testing phase for several months, the Semi is now available for reservation. Five years after the presentation of the model, it becomes a little more reality for customers.

Tesla clearly needs reservations to turn into orders, given the difficulties in production. Thus, it is necessary to pay 20,000 dollars to pre-order a copy of the Semi.

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The electric heavyweight will use future 4680 cells, which are more complex for Tesla to produce. By doing this, the firm will not have to produce Semis that will not be purchased later. But the production of the Semi, which was to start in 2019, then in 2021, is slow to start.

There will be two versions of the Semi, with two different prices and two different ranges. The entry-level model will cost $150,000 and offer a range of 300 miles, or 480 km. The more expensive model, at $180,000, will do 500 miles on a charge, or 800 km.

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