Renault, Citroën, Tesla… these electric cars whose price is exploding

Renault has sharply increased the price of its electric and plug-in hybrid models. But he is not the only one. Far from there. Inflation is general. Tesla, the luxury electric car specialist, now offers its Model 3 from 53,490 euros. Against 49,990 euros at the end of last spring. The electric Citroën ë-C4 is even stronger. It now points to 39,700 euros (basic version)… against 36,300 in June. The gasoline version, it only took… 1,310 euros increase at the same time. It is therefore sold for 15,490 euros less than the Citroën ë-C4 basic electric. It’s a lot.

The Peugeot e-2008 electric compact SUV has become more expensive for its part by 2,900 euros compared to June. The base price now reaches 40,950 euros, while the gasoline equivalent has increased by 2,420. At stake: 14,380 euros difference between the two. At Volkswagen, the so-called zero-emission ID.3, a competitor of the ë-C4, starts squarely at 46,100 euros. It has increased in six months by 1,420 euros, while the comparable Golf gasoline only grew by 375 euros. An ID.3 therefore costs 15,400 euros more than the basic Golf. The small Renault Zoe, pioneer of the electric, climbs for its part to 35,100 euros in the basic version. Or 2,300 euros more than at the beginning of last summer. The Zoé costs twice that of an entry-level thermal Clio (17,800 euros).


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