Promo: the Samsung QN95B 4K Mini LED TV sees its price halved!

Good deal news Promo: the Samsung QN95B 4K Mini LED TV sees its price halved!

A 55-inch Samsung QN95B at half the price? It’s even better right now at Son-video with a total of €1,200 off on this 4K Mini LED TV which will be perfect for PS5 and Xbox Series.

The 55-inch Samsung QN95B 4K Mini LED TV is half price at Son-Vidéo

A 55-inch Samsung 4K Mini LED TV at a reduction of €300 is already a great promotion. This is what is currently available from Son-Vidéo, which offers the QN95B at €1,990 instead of €2,290. But it’s even better when you can enjoy more than one €900 Samsung Money Back Offerbringing the final price down to just €1090!

In total, you have the opportunity to make a huge saving of 1200 €, more than half the initial price of this high-end 4K Smart TV!

  • Introductory price: €2290
  • Price Sound-Video: 1990 €
  • Price with €900 Samsung Money Back Offer : 1090 €

To take advantage of€900 Samsung Money Back Offer, go to the brand’s website after your purchase to complete your file and get your money back. Attention, the offer is limited in time, so don’t wait too long if you want to take advantage of it (December 18, 2022)

Buy the 55-inch QN95B at €1090 at Son-Vidéo

With the QN95B, Samsung offers a 4K Neo QLED TV with mini-LED technology. On the program, therefore, a TV of high visual quality with excellent brightness of 2000 nits. It also has a very good video processor, the Neo Quantum 4K processor with artificial intelligence which will take care of upscaling all your favorite content in 4K resolution.

Thanks to its four HDMI 2.1 ports, it is perfectly suited to console and even PC gaming with the possibility of reaching 4K 120 frames per second on PS5 and Xbox Series, and even 144 frames per second if you connect your PC ! It also has FreeSync Premium Pro technology and VRR to reduce the risk of tearing and micro jerks, while the ALLM takes care of automatically switching to game mode, then using the latency of your screen.

For sound, you will have a more satisfying audio section with Dolby Atmos. The speakers present are in 4.2.2 configuration and have a total power of 70 Watts. Subwoofers are part of this and thus enable effective reproduction of low frequencies.

And of course, you have here a Smart TV which is under the Tizen interface and which will allow you to access many online services such as Youtube, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV or even Prime Video.

Buy the 55-inch QN95B at €1090 at Son-Vidéo

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