prices are becoming clearer, but could delay the release date

New information that Samsung would be in a dilemma regarding the pricing of its future Galaxy S23. Hesitations that could lead to a slight delay in the launch of its flagship smartphones.

Choosing Galaxy S23 prices seems to be a real headache for Samsung, which must remain competitive in the market while satisfying investors. Important choices that could create a slight delay during the launch of products.

The right price for the Samsung Galaxy S23

Setting prices is nothing trivial when you launch products as expected as the Galaxy S23. Samsung knows this and is currently working on finding the right formula. The dilemma is as follows: find prices that are sufficiently competitive in the face of the competition to make maximum sales, without sacrificing the profit margin.

An issue raised by leaker @TheGalox on Twitter who claims that this could lead to a slight delay in the presentation and release of the Galaxy S23s which would finally occur between mid-February and the end of February. As a reminder, the launch of the Galaxy S23 was until now expected at the beginning of February, as was the case for the Galaxy S22 this year. A slight delay, therefore, which would be explained by the “price puzzle” which the Korean brand would face.

Thus, the Galox evokes the price likely to be sold for future high-end smartphones from Samsung: $799 for the Galaxy S23, $899 for the S23+, and $1,199 for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Optimistic prices that put the S23 and S23 Ultra at the same launch price as their predecessors in the United States. The S23 is said to be $100 less than the S22.

Prices that only concerned the American market. Indeed, Samsung has a lot to do across the Atlantic to remain competitive against the very popular iPhone. In the US, the iPhone 14 starts at $799, the iPhone 14 Plus at $899, the iPhone 14 Pro at $999, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max at $1099. Everything is expressed excluding tax.

Higher prices in Europe?

On the old continent, prices are higher because they include various taxes such as VAT, private copying and eco-contribution. So, in the same way that the iPhone 14s are more expensive at home than at our American friends, there is a good chance that the Galaxy S23 will suffer the same fate. As a reminder, the Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra were launched with us at the respective prices of €859, €1059 and €1269.

Inflationary pressure is not leading to lower prices for future Galaxy S23s, but Samsung could use several levers to reduce the production costs of its smartphones and remain competitive against the competition. Indeed, the brand may not integrate the same cooling system on all its Galaxy S23, thus reserving the best components for its most expensive smartphone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

In addition, Samsung will have to deal with the new Xiaomi 13 presented recently by the world number three in smartphones. Products that will be, as always with the Chinese brand, very aggressive on price. The battle at the start of 2023 promises to be exciting in the smartphone market.

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