Poligny. Why were crosses planted in this city street?

Rue De Gaulle, under construction. The Décidons Poligny group has planted wooden crosses in place of the felled trees. (© Voice of the Jura)

In this photo, published on Sunday December 11 by the Facebook site of the Décidons Poligny group, describing wooden cross planted by its members to challenge the disappearance of lime trees on rue de Gaullefollowing road works.

The group had been part of the lists presented in the municipal elections of Poligny in March 2020. By this symbolic gesture, some of its members regret the felling of 38 lime trees.

78 trees replanted

“The felling of the trees was wanted by all the residents, except one person. We felled 38 trees but we are replanting 78 in the street, in the vegetated part”.

Jean-Francois GaillardFirst deputy delegate for works and town planning in Poligny.

“The lime trees in place posed problems, in particular because of their horizontal roots, which deformed the roadway and penetrated the properties of the inhabitants of rue Charles de Gaulle”.

Jean-Francois Gaillard.

To replace this essence, other species are under study and will be planted to guarantee a green aspect to this space. Trees with more vertical roots will be favored to prevent them from emerging on the surface. The low maintenance required by the new varieties should also simplify the interventions of the municipal services.

A new cycle path

As part of the planned developments, a new cycle path will be built, which will ensure that cyclists can ride in complete safety on a dedicated lane isolated from traffic.

The organization of the street connects a sidewalk, the roadway, the plantations and the parking lots intended for vehicles, the cycle path and again a sidewalk. Given this organization, the old lime trees no longer summed up their place.

The end of the works is scheduled for the summer of 2023.

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