Planned obsolescence of iPhones: a complaint against Apple

December 7, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.

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Apple in court ? The association Stopping planned obsolescence (TO JUMP) announced on Wednesday, December 7, that it had filed a complaint with the public prosecutor against the US multinational for planned obsolescence and obstruction of repairs.

The reason: the serialization » (Where apparently ») practiced by the world leader in smartphones. This practice, increasingly validated according to SKIP, consist in associating the serial numbers of the components of a product – screens, batteries, cameras, etc. — to that of the iPhone, notably via microchips. It allows the manufacturer to limit the possibilities of repair.

JUMP thus recalled cases of malfunction when Apple devices were repaired with a part not authorized by its software. And this, even if the replacement part in question was identical and original. Problems can also appear during updates, depending on TO JUMP.

According to the association, this practice brings not only the right to repair, but also the development of refurbished smartphones ». It also encouraged the purchase of new, and therefore polluting, appliances. Nearly 4 million iPhones are sold each year in France. 80 % of their environmental footprint is generated during their manufacture, explains JUMP in a press release.

In 2020, the apple firm had already been fined 25 million euros for having slowed down, via the update of their iOS operating system, the operation of thousands of devices, had related The Parisian.

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