Our tips for getting through the winter

Winter is certainly not the most popular period for electric cars, because the cold is the natural enemy of batteries. If you are owners, you risk being affected by this phenomenon of loss of autonomy. However, don’t worry, there are solutions to help you optimize the life of your vehicle’s battery during this cold period.

If you already drive an electric car, you have certainly noticed: the range of the EV is lower in winter than in summer. This phenomenon is completely normal. When the mercury is below 0°C, the radius of action is reduced by 10% to 50% depending on the model and the strength of the cold snap. In this article, you will find advice on good practices to adopt to preserve your battery and your vehicle.

Park your car warm

For a battery to work properly, it must be maintained at a certain temperature. The cold acting directly on it causes it to lose capacity and autonomy. The idea is then to your vehicle warm to conserve your battery. Do not let your vehicle sleep outside, opt for a garage or at least a car cover to preserve it. This will prevent losses and preserve your battery.

Charge your vehicle overnight

During cold periods, your batteries will lose autonomy and they will also be more difficult to charge. Then prepare for a longer cooldown and consider the recharge during the night. Not only will you benefit from off-peak hours for a lower rate, but you will also benefit from a longer time to reach the maximum load. It is important to specify that recharging maintains your battery at a temperature of at least 15°C, this allows them to maintain their efficiency.

Keep the heating low enough

Take into account that thermal cars and electric cars work differently. If the heating is largely linked to the engine in a traditional car, on an electric one, everything goes through the batteries. Overuse of the heater may drain your battery faster. And since it’s cold, you not only risk losing autonomy, but also degrading your battery. Whenever possible, use the heating moderately and prefer heated seats, if available.

Preheat your car

The majority of electric cars allow the possibility of preheating them. Doing it in winter or during cold periods is a good idea, because the vehicle prioritizes preheating the battery. By reaching the optimum operating temperature, you have provided a ride with less risk of glitches. So remember to do about ten minutes before your trip.

Change driving style

In winter, especially when there is ice or snow, a careful driving is appropriate. If at first, the reason is mainly safety, with electric cars, other reasons lead to this practice of softer driving. The heavy braking phases and sharp accelerations have a huge impact on your energy consumption.

More careful driving then allows you to preserve your vehicle’s battery while preserving your safety on the road and that of your fellow human beings. You can also pass your vehicle in economy mode. This manipulation will automatically restrict your electric car on your acceleration and deceleration phases.

To keep your vehicle in the long term, respect your various periodic maintenance. In addition to that, adopt good habits such as those presented in this article in order to enjoy your vehicle in all seasons, for as long as possible. During this winter, think about these tips so that you don’t end up with unpleasant surprises in the future.

If you found these tips useful or have any other tips for preserving your vehicle during the winter, let us know in the comments.

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