Our selection of the best smartphones to (tre) offer for Christmas

If you’re missing a last-minute gift for Christmas or just want to treat yourself with the money you received for the holidays, here is our selection of the best smartphones of the moment.

Smartphone references are so numerous that even Santa’s elves have something to get lost in. To see more clearly and give you gift ideas to slip under the tree, we have selected for you our favorite smartphones by price range.

As is necessary for all budgets, we have decided to offer you our eight favorite smartphones of the year and to put them into four categories according to their price. We have also made sure to offer you a varied panel of brands, to better represent the multitude of choices available to you. Here is our selection.

Under 300 euros: for small budgets

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S: the low price

The Redmi Note 10S – © Xiaomi

Redmi Note 10 Pro at the best price Base price: €299

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The Redmi Note 10S is the cheapest smartphone in our Christmas selection. For less than 200 euros, Xiaomi offers a recovered user experience that takes up the already very solid foundations of the Redmi Note 10, while offering superior performance. Its beautiful OLED screen, its two days of autonomy, its jack, its dual SIM and its microSD port are all assets to be credited.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G: the safe bet

samsung galaxy a33 5g

The best deal for the Galaxy A33 5G

For people who have a budget below 300 euros, we often recommend the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G. Not that the latter is the perfect smartphone, but it benefits from advantages which, put end to end, make it a safe bet. These include its successful one-piece design, its superb screen, its water resistance, its photo versatility, its One UI interface and of course its extensive software support promising four years of major Android updates.

Under 600 euros: for value for money

Google Pixel 6: the choice of reason

pixel 6
© 01net.com

Google Pixel 6 128 GB at the best price Base price: €649

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The Pixel 6 is the first Google smartphone recommended in this guide (divulge : there is another one below). Released in 2021, the phone from the American giant is still just as good, but it has since fallen below the symbolic bar of 500 euros. At this price, you won’t find a smartphone that takes better photos. Google-specific software features and excellent software support make the Pixel 6 a highly recommended smartphone today.

Oppo Reno 8: a favorite

test OPPO Reno 8

The Oppo Reno 8 – © 01net.com – Lionel Morillon

The best offer for the Oppo Reno 8

Every year, there are smartphones that we don’t necessarily expect, but which become nice surprises. The Oppo Reno 8 is one of them, to the point of placing itself in our favorites of the year that we recommend to all those who have between 500 and 600 euros to put in a phone. From performance to autonomy, design, screen and fast charging, the Oppo Reno 8 has it all. His only real flaw? Anecdotal secondary photo modules.

For less than 700 euros: to have fun

Google Pixel 7: the price-performance ratio of the year

Google Pixel 7
The Google Pixel 7 – © Lionel Morillon – 01net.com

Google Pixel 7 128 GB at the best price Base price: €649

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Take the Pixel 6, make it a little more compact, a little lighter, improve battery life, boost its performance and you have a Pixel 7 which, without revolutionizing the formula, stands out as one of the best smartphones on the market. year. Special mention to the quality of the photos and the software features exclusive to Google’s smartphone. At this price, it’s an easy choice.

Xiaomi 12T Pro: all for speed

test xiaomi 12T pro
The Xiaomi 12T Pro – © 01net.com / Lionel Morillon

Xiaomi 12T Pro 8/256 GB at the best price Base price: €799

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For the same budget, but in a different style, the Xiaomi 12T Pro also caught our eye. If the photo is not your priority, but above all you are looking for a smartphone with a very nice screen, power and endurance, the 12T Pro is for you. The Xiaomi mobile is for example an excellent choice if you like to play on your laptop. With its performance and three years of major Android updates, the 12T Pro shouldn’t let you down anytime soon.

When you really love, you don’t count anymore

Oppo Find X5 Pro: the champion

opo find x5 pro
The Oppo Find X5 Pro – © 01net.com

Oppo Find X5 Pro 12/256 GB at the best price Base price: €1,299

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Released at the start of the year, the Oppo Find X5 Pro is a real gem of technology. An “ultra-premium” smartphone that benefits from an impeccable design with ceramic finishes, an excellent photo score, lightning charging and top-notch performance. It is simply criticized for its weight of 218 g and its limited telephoto zoom compared to the competition.

iPhone 14 Pro: the floating island

With its 6.1-inch screen, the iPhone 14 Pro is a very good compromise between visual comfort and size.
The iPhone 14 Pro – © 01net.com – Lionel Morillon

iPhone 14 Pro 128GB at the best price Base price: €1,329

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This year, Apple has reserved most of its new products for the “Pro” models of its iPhones. Thus, the iPhone 14 Pro benefits from impressive performance thanks to its A16 chip, a new 48-megapixel camera module, but also and above all from the “dynamic island” which replaces the notch. Apple has made this transition in a very relevant way by adapting the iOS interface to display notifications in this space, making (almost) forget about this “black hole”.

To go longer

To choose is to renounce. We have therefore not been able to put all the smartphones that we have appreciated in 2022. We would like to be able to mention the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, the Nothing Phone (1), the Asus ZenFone 9 or the Honor 70. our various tops and buying guides to help you choose the next smartphone that you will offer later, or you will offer:

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