Orange and Huawei have set a new world record with a revolutionary 157 Tbit/s transmission over 120 km of fiber in France

PARIS, December 19, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Huawei and Orange have set a new world record1 with a transmission of 157 Tbit/s over a 120 km fiber on the Orange network in the south-west of France. This technical feat, achieved during a field test, unequivocally demonstrates that Orange’s current infrastructures will be able to support the increase in traffic expected in the coming decade by adapting to changes in communication technologies. transfer .

In June 2022, Huawei launched the market’s first ultra-broadband Super C+ Super L solution capable of offering 12 THz of spectrum ( award-optical-green) over C-band (conventional wavelengths) and L-band (long wavelengths) fiber.

In Huawei’s trial with Orange, the total bandwidth was increased to 18 THz through the use of in-house developed technologies covering the S-band (short wavelengths) and drawing on expertise in transmission from Huawei’s R&D center in France. A total of 240 wavelengths were used to provide a total throughput of 157 Tbit/s, based on Huawei’s advanced probabilistic constellation shaping algorithm.

While traffic demand increases each year significantly, spectral efficiency, ie the volume of information transmitted for a given spectrum, seems to progress half as quickly. Existing backbone networks could therefore eventually reach saturation. This technology provides a solution to exploit fiber optic systems already deployed and increase capacity without having to invest in the deployment of new fibers. The trial demonstrates that innovation and research are and will remain the priority of both companies in order to meet future traffic demands by offering their customers accessible connectivity solutions.

Gilles Bourdon, Vice-President Fixed Networks and Infrastructure at Orange Innovation, says:

“As traffic demand continues to increase, it is crucial to obtain more spectrum and therefore unlock more value from our existing assets. This is all the more important as the spectral efficiency of these optical systems reaches a theoretical limit. The results obtained during the field test prove the capacity of our fiber infrastructure to offer 50% more spectrum and therefore to meet two major challenges: the experience and the connectivity of our customers”.

Richard Jin, President of Optical Product Line for Huawei, comments: “Huawei has long invested in the development of optical communications. We are committed to contributing to technological progress through strategic investments and constant R&D efforts in this field, as illustrated by the excellence of our research teams in optics, such as that in Paris. We are delighted to collaborate with an operator as innovative as Orange to contribute, together, to the creation of the network of the future”.

1 File not approved. This claim is based on existing public data of transmission speeds recorded in a field test

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