Orange and Huawei achieve a world fiber record in France

Orange and Huawei achieve a world fiber record in France

A transmission of 157 Tbit/s carried out in France.

The capabilities of the fiber again demonstrated. Orange and Huawei carried out a test on a 120 km fiber in the south-west of France. The transmission reached 157 Tbit/s while the total bandwidth was increased to 18 THz thanks to the use of Huawei technologies.

These internally developed technologies covering the S band (short wavelengths) and using the transmission expertise of Huawei’s R&D center in France. A total of 240 wavelengths were used to provide a total throughput of 157 Tbit/s, based on Huawei’s advanced probabilistic constellation shaping algorithm.

“As traffic demand continues to increase, it is crucial to obtain more spectrum and therefore unlock more value from our existing assets. This is all the more important as the spectral efficiency of these optical systems reaches a theoretical limit. The results obtained during the field test prove the capacity of our fiber infrastructure to offer 50% more spectrum and therefore to meet two major challenges: the experience and the connectivity of our customers.” explains Orange.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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