OPPO will spend a million to improve OnePlus

In the week of OPPO INNO Day 2022 there was also news in the OnePlus key: the company will receive an injection of one million dollars to return to the origins and convince its fans.

OnePlus is embarking on a promising new adventure with OPPO, which plans to invest millions to win over new fans of the brand.

Last week, OPPO INNO Day 2022 was described with the presentation of Find N2 and Find N2 Flip, which have already become the best foldables in the entire mobile industry in their own right.

At the same time, a company that now operates under the OPPO umbrella also had things to celebrate, namely that OnePlus was nine years old, already merged and integrated into OPPO one hundred percent, taking advantage of the appointment to anticipate a future of more promising.

Change of course for a OnePlus that will return to its origins seeking to convince its fans, thanks in part to the 10,000 million yuan that will fall thanks to OPPO.

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And it is that yes friends, despite what it might seem, OPPO does not want to let OnePlus become the shadow of that manufacturer of flagship killers that it once was, so the two companies announce a new strategic alliance through which OPPO will invest no less than $1,430 million to improve OnePlus over the next three years.

It was announced on Weibo by OnePlus itself, which reported a change of course after recent setbacks in a market that hasn’t taken the firm’s ‘never settle’ drift too well. “”, lately closer to flagships than flagship killers at less with their most efficient phones.

OPPO roadmap with OnePlus

This is how OPPO’s promising “roadmap” with the future of OnePlus reads (in Chinese).

As you see, the idea of ​​OnePlus seems to be to go back to the origins and not to deviate so much from the identity of the brand, something that we applaud with fervor, and that is that OnePlus wants to get closer to its original spirit. and thus regain the trust of its users and fans.

There is talk of a new “dual-brand” strategy which promises that OnePlus will be at the forefront of technology by developing the most performing smartphones, but at the same time the manufacturer will sell with “zero net margins” to be more competitive than others. others and approach almost every pocket.

The new “dual brand” strategy proposed by OnePlus promises us smartphones of the best quality and maximum functionality, although cheaper and more attractive because the net margin remains at zero.

Not only that, and it is that OnePlus mobiles will be sold in China exclusively online, exactly like when Pete Lau and Carl Pei created the company, but with the added advantage of OPPO’s muscle, since any OnePlus user can repair their smartphone at any OPPO service center in your country of origin.

Another notable fact is the resumption of the application dedicated to the OnePlus community, whose objective will be to attract again the restless scene which made the manufacturer grow in its infancy by discussing and sharing opinions on its flagship killers.

An undoubtedly interesting move in this scenario, in which it remains to be verified whether OnePlus is indeed still present online in international markets or remains exclusively in China so as not to cannibalize sales of OPPO mobiles, which are now suppressed in our attacking countries to the best products in the industry.

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