Oppo will sometimes guarantee longer updates as early as 2023

Oppo ColorOS 13.

The war between smartphone manufacturers finally seems evaluated in the right direction. After recently Samsung and Apple for ages, it is Oppo who announces longer updates for a period of up to five years. However, there is a downside…

“Oppo guarantees four major ColorOS updates with five years of regular security patches for certain flagship models from 2023,” writes the rising manufacturer. Too bad however that this evolution does not concern the whole range, probably because of the policy of updating the founders.

Oppo faster in 2022

Indeed, as we explained this fall developers and manufacturers at the IFA in Berlin, the latter are dependent on the efforts of updates of microprocessor designers, who offer different life cycles, depending on their models. Let’s hope that under the pressure of consumers (and political powers?) they are generally acquired in this direction.

Oppo took this opportunity to communicate on the speed of the update to ColorOS 13, the latest version of its operating system based on Android 13. Even if there was acceleration, it should however be noted that other manufacturers have sometimes been even faster, notably Samsung.

Faster ColorOS 13

Since its launch on August 18, ColorOS 13 has rolled out to 33 smartphone models worldwide, making it the fastest and largest update in ColorOS history, according to Oppo. During this four-month period, more than 50% of additional device models were compatible with ColorOS 13 compared to ColorOS 12, the same statement said.

For the record, ColorOS 13 is Oppo’s latest operating system based on the ultimate version of Android. It is used by some 500 million monthly active users in 67 languages. The Chinese specifies that it is designed for simplicity and comfort with its brand new “aquamorphic” design. ColorOS 13 includes a series of features such as Smart AOD, Multi-Screen Connect and Home Screen Management, according to the same text from Oppo.


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