Oppo promises to update its next high-end smartphones for 4 years

Oppo has always been quite exemplary in terms of updates, but the Chinese manufacturer now intends to go further by offering up to 4 new versions of its overlay on its next high-end smartphones.

A few weeks ago, OnePlus committed to offering 4 years of Android updates on its smartphones, as Samsung already does. We therefore logically expected that the parent company Oppo would announce an identical measure for its own devices.ls. The Chinese manufacturer will extend the support of its smartphonesbut not exactly as we expect.

Indeed, Oppo will offer on its next smartphones four updates to its Color OS overlay and five years of security patches. This distinction is important, since overlay updates are not not always accompanied by a new version of Google’s Android operating system.

Only Oppo’s next high-end smartphones are affected

Oppo specifies that its new update tracking policy will only concern its next high-end smartphones which will be released next year. The Find X5 Pro should therefore still benefit from “only” three major Android updates. This new policy should therefore come into effect with the next Find X6, whose design we already know. However, it’s unclear whether or not the Find N2 Flip will be affected when it releases in early 2023.

Seeing smartphone makers commit to updating their devices for longer is a great news for consumers, who could keep their smartphones for a few more years. We hope that others will follow suit, including Xiaomi, which is far from being exemplary in Europe when it comes to monitoring its smartphones. The brand promises 3 years of Android updates since the release of the Xiaomi 11T. However, patches are ultimately quite rare with us compared to the Chinese version of MIUI, which is often updated.

While waiting to find out more, we remind you that the Chinese manufacturer recently unveiled Color OS 13, the new version of its overlay house. The latter is based on Android 13, and has already been rolled out to some of the company’s devices.including the latest high-end Find X and mid-range Reno smartphones.

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