Oppo in turn does better than Google for Android updates

Samsung is no longer alone in offering 4 years of updates. After OnePlus, it’s unsurprisingly Oppo’s turn to follow suit. Another blow for Google.

Already very popular in China, Oppo continues to make a name for itself in the rest of the world, including France. Not only are its products of very good quality (the Oppo Find X5 Pro received the Frandroid Tech Award for the best smartphone 2022), but it is also a brand that listens to its community and has its software evaluated according to the opinions collected.

A few months, the brand rolled out ColorOS 13, its software version of Android 13, and many smartphones have already received their update. Better still: Oppo announces today to go to four years of updates.

Oppo at Samsung level

Right now, most smartphone manufacturers are promising three years of major updates and up to four years of security updates, at least for the most prominent phones. It’s a point that’s often paralleled with iOS updates that typically take iPhones through five generations of the system.

In 2021, Samsung announced that some of its most popular smartphones would now get four years of major updates and five years of security updates. More recently, OnePlus has aligned itself with this policy. It is therefore not surprising to see Oppo now following suit, the two Chinese brands sharing the same software base.

The ranges and models concerned by this policy change are not yet detailed for the moment.

Google lags behind

It is therefore the third Android brand to offer up to four years of major updates on a selection of phones. For its part, Google, which nevertheless develops Android, is content with three major updates on its Pixels, and five years of security updates. This in itself is sufficient in many situations, but very damaging to Google’s brand image, which should be the best on this point. That a brand spends a lot of energy and resources to ensure another year is a thorn in the side. Three, it becomes humiliating.

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