OPPO Find N2 Flip: when will the flip smartphone be released in France?

The Chinese brand recently unveiled two new foldable smartphones during its annual OPPO Inno Day event. The first, OPPO Find N2, is as its name suggests the successor to the OPPO Find N released last year. While it still opens like a book, like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold, it is accompanied this year by a clamshell model, this time mimicking the very popular Galaxy Z Flip, designed OPPO Find Turnaround N2. And the good news is that the latter should land soon in our regions.

Of course, 2023 will definitely be placed under the sign of foldable smartphones. After timid beginnings, this new kind of mobile device is on the way to democratization on the market, with now several brands following in the footsteps of Samsung, a pioneer and great leader in this field. And it is more particularly a foldable phone format that is gaining ground: the clamshell models are making a comeback, in version 2.0 of course. Initiated once again by the Korean giant, this trend does not seem about to run out of steam, several other manufacturers having succumbed to this compact format which, being also less expensive than a foldable model that opens like a book, is more popular. After Huawei, which has already invested in this market with its P50 Pocket, we expect all the other major Chinese brands to follow the example and, in turn, offer alternatives to the famous Samsung Galaxy Z. Flip over next year. While those of Xiaomi and vivo are only rumors for the moment, OPPO has recently formalized its first flip smartphone: the Find N2 Flip.

It was during OPPO Inno Day, an annual high mass dedicated to the brand’s innovations, which was held on December 14, that this new model was born. He came to accompany the OPPO Find N2, the second generation of the foldable smartphone opening like a book from the Chinese manufacturer. With this clamshell format, it therefore signs a great first, and intends to compete with the giant Samsung. Because if it follows in the footsteps of the Galaxy Z Flip, this OPPO Find N2 Flip is capable of doing well, and could even become the new star of foldable smartphones…

The external screen of the OPPO Find N2 Flip hits the mark

First of all, the Find N2 Flip stands out for its design. If we find the same compact look that makes all the charm of this clamshell format, oh so practical with its ultra-compact dimensions when folded, allowing it to slip easily into a pocket, this model by OPPO sports a different look though. For good reason: the external screen, placed in a vertical strip with a diagonal of 1.8 inches on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, is twice as large here. Positioned in “portrait mode”, it is even “the largest external display ever seen on a flip smartphone“, as the Chinese brand boasts in a press release, with a diagonal of 3.6 inches. What offer a better experience on this secondary panel, which almost acts as a miniature version of the main screen, with the possibility to display up to six notifications and above all to offer a better preview of the photos taken in selfie, but with the main module of the device.

As the report Frandroid, this consists of a wide-angle sensor and an ultra wide-angle, the first being a specimen signed Sony (IMX890) of 50 Mpx. This should allow you to take some nice shots. While we can also mention a MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ chip and a 4,300 mAh battery which undoubtedly make it a high-end model, this OPPO Find N2 Flip has another specificity which will make it a great rival of the Galaxy. Z Flip4. It’s at the hinge level: it benefits from the second generation of Flexion Hinge technology, which promises both to resist up to some 400,000 bends, and which above all makes it possible to make the bend in the middle of the screen internal almost invisible according to the statements of the Chinese brand. Which would be a real asset, this point being still the small detail that annoys Samsung, to take advantage of this large 6.8-inch internal screen with Full HD + resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, like the most premium smartphones on the market today.

A release in the 1st quarter of 2023 in France?

This OPPO Find N2 Flip therefore has something to seduce, but the question that remains is will we have the opportunity to take it in hand? Remember that the manufacturer had chosen to limit the marketing of its first foldable smartphone, OPPO Find N, to the Chinese market. But the good news, as he says himself in a press release, is that this new clamshell model will indeed be released internationally:

“After launching in China today (December 15, ed.), OPPO will now bring the Find N2 Flip to the global market, including most European countries, early next year.”

So certainly, it is not specified, but everything thus suggests that it will soon arrive in France, certainly during the first quarter of 2023. We will obviously not fail to give you news on SFR News !

Sources: OPPO, Frandroid

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