Oppo commits to four major Android updates

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(Pocket-lint) – After announcing that its latest major software update – ColorOS 13 – has rolled out the fastest yet, Oppo has pledged to support future flagship phones for an even longer period.

The Android phone maker has announced that from 2023 it will guarantee four major Android updates for “selected flagships”. This update policy also includes up to five years of security patches, hoping your Oppo phone will be useful much longer than the typical 2-3 year upgrade cycle.

The language used in the statement is interesting, if only because it specifies “four major Android updates” rather than just saying “four years”, which could mean only three updates in some case, depending on the time of launch.


We’ve seen manufacturers promise ‘years’ in the past, only for their phones to launch with an outdated version of Android, and thus including the current (or even previous) year’s update among those these promises.

With Oppo’s next flagships launching Android 13, that meant software updates to Android 17, which aren’t expected to arrive until 2026.

We don’t know which 2023 flagships will be included in the “selected” few, but we expect the Find X6 Pro to be among them when it launches.

OnePlus – Oppo’s sub-brand – has also committed to the same number of updates for its own devices. And, given that the two companies share the same software codebase in their respective Android skins, it was to be expected that update guarantees would line up.

This is a positive move from the brand, aligning with companies like Google and Samsung, and that help customers keep their phones longer.

Written by Cam Bunton.

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