Nio EC7, an electric coupe SUV that does not fear comparison with Tesla

Nio unveils its new EC7, an electric SUV halfway between the Tesla Model Y and Model X and which has something to give Elon Musk’s brand a cold sweat. It promises to be the most aerodynamic raised vehicle on the market.

Nio EC7 // Source: Nio

While not usually much happens during the end-of-year holidays regarding automotive news, Nio is taking advantage of this calm period to unveil a plethora of new products. During its NIO Day 2022, the Chinese manufacturer indeed made several announcements, all very exciting. But besides the new generation of battery exchange station and the formalization of the 500 KW terminals, the firm has also lifted the veil on two models.

Everything for aero

The first is not totally new, since it is actually a revised version of the ES8, based on a new platform, namely that of the ET5, ET7 and EL7. But, the one that interests us the most is the second, which is none other than a new electric SUV, which comes to expand an already very complete range. Called EC7, it has a length of 4.97 meters for 1.97 meters wide and 1.71 meters high as specified on the brand’s website.

Nio EC7 // Source: Nio

Generous dimensions, which place this newcomer halfway between the Tesla Model Y and Model X, but also facing the Skoda Enyaq iV, which is also available as a coupe. Unsurprisingly, the electric SUV adopts a front end comparable to the brand’s other models, with its small, very thin lights and its full grille. In profile, we find a coupé silhouette with an inclined bezel.

Nio EC7 // Source: Nio

As you know, the sinews of the electric car are of course autonomy and consumption. In order to improve the first, it is then necessary to reduce the second. This notably involves working on aerodynamics, with the aim of limiting air resistance. This is particularly why the new Nio EC7 has handles integrated into the bodywork, like many of its rivals.

Nio EC7 // Source: Nio

That’s not all, car the SUV is also equipped with an active rear spoiler, requires training and develops downforce at high speed. A first for the Chinese brand, which allows this newcomer to the catalog to display a Cx of only 0.230. The press release then specifies that the EC7 thus becomes the most aerodynamic electric SUV on the market. For comparison, the production model currently optimized with the lowest Cx is the Mercedes EQS, with only O.20. It is followed by the Ioniq 6, with 0.21.

An ultra-technological SUV

On board, the new Nio EC7, which displays a wheelbase of 2.96 meters, can accommodate up to five passengers, unlike the ES8 which can carry one more. The presentation is quite refined, with a large 12.8-inch touch screen, works thanks to the system Banyan from the NIO smart system. This is associated with a 16-inch digital handset and the PanoCinema system.

Nio EC7 // Source: Nio

Already fitted to the Nio ET5 as well as the ET7 and ET8, this immersive system combines ambient lighting and a 7.1.4 Surround audio system. It is also compatible with Air AR Glass glasses allowing the car to be transformed into a rolling cinema. Note that the driving position is equipped with an assistant using artificial intelligence called NOMI.

Nio EC7 // Source: Nio

One of the strengths of this SUV is also its panoramic roof, with an area of ​​1.94 square meters. A total of five dimming levels are available, automatically adapting to sunlight conditions. The seats are made from durable materials, such as Haptex or Rattan, while the seat can recline almost flat. The leg support is heated.

Nearly 1,000 kilometers of range

In total, the new Nio EC7 comes in two versions, with batteries with a capacity of 75 and 100 kW. Thus, the SUV then displays a range of up to 940 kilometers according to the Chinese CLTC cycle, much more optimistic than the WLTP cycle used in Europe. It is thus necessary to withdraw from 10 to 15%, which is equivalent to approximately 800 kilometers. Which is then much more than the 533 kilometers of the Tesla Model Y Grande Autonomie.

The 0 to 100 km / h is achieved in 3.8 seconds, while the engine develops 480 kW (about 652 horsepower) for 850 Nm of torque. the driver can enjoy 10 driving modes. Note that the electric SUV is compatible with battery exchange stations, while a brand new generation has just been unveiled during Nio Day 2022 on December 24. The charging time on a classic terminal has not been announced.

Autonomous driving

This new Nio EC7 is also equipped withan autonomous driving system, thanks to 33 high-precision sensors. If the brand does not specify, everything suggests that the SUV will be compatible with level 3, due to the presence of a LiDAR on its roof. As a reminder, this level allows hands-free driving and has now been authorized in France since September. But for now, only the Mercedes EQS and S-Class offer it here. From next year, the EC7 will also be able to drive to a battery swap station on its own, wait for the operation to take place and then return to the highway without driver intervention.

The SUV is also equipped with lights capable of project patterns and other animations on the ground, in order to communicate with other road users. Technology also similar to what Mercedes already offers on its top-of-the-range models. Ford is also working on a similar system. All of these features are made possible by the presence of four Orin X chips provided by Nvidia.

An arrival for next year

Already available to order, the new Nio EC7 starts from 488,000 yuan, or about 66,000 euros in its 75 kW version and 546,000 yuan (about 73,800 euros) with the 100 kW battery. It is also possible to opt for battery rental, starting the vehicle at 418,000 yuan, or around 56,503 euros. The first deliveries will begin in China next Maywhile the SUV should then arrive in Europe and Norway in particular, where the brand is already present.

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