Netflix intends to compete with Apple Fitness+ from December 30!

From now on, the battle is raging within the platforms and all means are good to gain audience share!

Tudum: Sports sessions on Netflix!

Thus, Netflix intends to move its subscribers by broadcasting the programs of the Nike Training Club, who offers training and advice. And it shouldn’t wait until 2023 to make good resolutions since the first episodes will be broadcast as soon as next December 30.

On its website under the specifically designated section tudumthe red and black platform indicates that the episodes will be offered in installments, with the first part going online in eight days. She therefore takes advantage of the little hollow between Christmas and New Year’s Day to launch her offer – which would be included in the subscription.

A deployment also in France!

And France should not be excludedif we are to believe the incredible community manager of Netflix France who confirms the arrival of the exercises in France and who announces even more sweating for 2023.

On note of quite varied programs in terms of intensityaround five disciplines -including Yoga, Fitness or HIT- with exercises for beginners or seasoned adepts.

On the other hand, nothing is said about the possible duplication of content, which could appeal to non-English speaking audiences. In effect, many users in France criticize a lack of VF for training on Apple Fitness+. From there to imagine interactions with the Apple Watch…

Anyway, it’s a good start to encourage users to subscribe. We will also note a change in strategy with the arrival of Netflix in the sports segment at home, after having tried that of video games (with less success).

• Kickstart Fitness with the Basics (13 episodes)
• Two weeks for a stronger core (7 episodes)
• Falling in love with Vinyasa Yoga (6 episodes)
• HIT & Strength with Tara (14 episodes)
• Well-being (6 episodes)

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