Microsoft wants a great app

According to InformationMicrosoft envisioned the development of a “ great app to WeChat, for break Apple and Google’s hold on mobile search.

Soon a great app for Microsoft?

According to people with direct knowledge of Microsoft’s progress on the development of this great app, the American company would prefer to offer a platform that would bring together many features. Shopping, messaging, internet search, news feed and other services in a single smartphone app. A new strategy on Microsoft’s side, to ” expand further into consumer services “.

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The information revealed by Information are part of a drive by Microsoft executives to boost the company’s already multibillion-dollar advertising business and search on its Bing search engine. The aim is also to attract more users to their Teams messaging system and its other services intended for mobile use. Unlike Apple and Google, Microsoft does not operate a mobile app store. This great application could fill this gap.

Indeed, by providing an all-in-one application that users do not need to leave to access its other offers, Microsoft ” I hope to emulate a mobile strategy that worked for Tencent » with the development of WeChat. The Chinese company’s super app, which combines messaging, shopping, online games, news, digital payments and a wide variety of other services, including food ordering, would be a real inspiration for Microsoft.

The Redmond firm is not the only one to be seduced by the concept of super app. Indeed, the new boss of Twitter, Elon Musk, also mentioned the creation of “ X “, a platform which would integrate Twitter within it. Again, WeChat would be the perfect model. Application X could provide many services within one platform. On the side of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, the general manager of the American company, is pushing for this project to succeed.

The super app concept has been around for a while. Since 2011, WeChat has amassed over a billion users. The idea is to ensure that consumers don’t need to leave the app. However, to delight them the concept is new.

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