Microsoft Teams is more popular than ever with 270 million monthly active users

The success of Microsoft Teams continues to grow, with more and more users around the world signing up to the platform. According to the latest figures published by Microsoft, video conferencing service Teams now has over 270 million monthly active users.

This figure is up from the 250 million monthly active users of Teams announced by the company just 6 months ago, as the hybrid working period continues to drive the platform forward. In his latest quarterly financial report, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella noted that while Teams’ growth has been encouraged, he expects it to slow down somewhat as usage begins to plateau.

Last year, Microsoft changed its way of measuring Teams usage from daily active users to monthly active users, which again might suggest some slowing in the numbers. .

However, the company continues to work on updates and improvements for Teams, with recent releases including a way for users to hide their own video feed during a call, apply emoji as a reaction to chat messages, and even adding its Cortana voice recognition software to the platform.

Overall, the second quarter of 2021 was likely to be successful for Microsoft, as the company beat analysts’ expectations to post another major quarter.

A 20% increase in turnover

Microsoft reported a 20% increase in revenue, which hit $51.7 billion, with net profit up 21% to $18.8 billion. Windows OEM revenue increased 25% year-over-year, while commercial products and services revenue cloud of Windows increased by 13%.

Digital technology is the world’s most malleable resource for overcoming constraints and reimagining work and everyday life.Nadella said. “As technology’s share of global GDP continues to grow, we innovate and invest in diverse and growing markets, with a common underlying technology stack and operating model that reinforces a strategy, culture and a sense of common purpose“.

According to data recently collected by software company StarLeaf, almost all (97%) of businesses say tools such as Zoom, Webex and Teams are essential to their business.

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